monday musings

Ashley English at Small Measure calls it What I’m Digging when she posts her collection of thing that have caught her attention recently on Fridays. Inspired by her “digs,” I’m doing mine on Mondays.


  • Saw the Google image above on 1/16 in honor of Diane Fossey’s birthday. Thought it was pretty cool.
  • “Don’t be an urban homesteader asshole.” Agreed. But *snicker*. I’m sure we’ve all been a little bit of *that* guy.
  • This almost makes me want to make an awning of some kind. Hmmm. Maybe something for the garden?
  • O.M.G. THIS makes me wish we had a puppy when my kids were babes.
  • Hoping to listen to the live streaming of the debate between Bill Nye and a creationism personality tomorrow.
  • We’re planning to go to the beach for one of our summer camping trips, as always. Perhaps I’ll make one of these beauties.
  • This story about a Finnish programmer who wants to write a children’s book that introduces basic coding logic intrigues me. Hello, Ruby!
  • Would love to find one of these.
  • Would *LOVE* to win some of these!

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