how much jam can a jam canner can?

So I think I have a problem. I can’t stop making jam. So far this summer I’ve made 12 half pints of cherry berry freezer jam, 14 half pints of raspberry jam, several half pints of peach butter, 3 freezer containers of blueberry nectarine jam (approx. equiv. to 4-6 half pints), and most recently 12 half pints and 4 extra cups of nectarine vanilla bean jam. That’s more than forty half pints of jam!

And I just found a canning blog with more jam recipes I want to try:

So I’m going to jump off my out of control jam wagon and *try* to wait until next summer to try these new jam recipes. But in the realm of fruit, I *am* still hoping to can some pears and applesauce yet this fall.

And whether this year or next I’m going to try branching out from the wide world of fruit. I saw a great corn relish recipe that looked promising. Salsa and tomato sauce or pasta sauce. Maybe some green beans or even dilly beans.

But not tonight.đŸ˜€

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