long time, no post

In the words of The Croods (which was a much cuter movie than I expected), “Still alive!” Still taking it day by day, week by week, but I’ve recently started noticing signs that I may see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. One being I had several recent urges to post on this blog, so I though I would cobble some thoughts into a long overdue post.

So what have we been up to the last, oh, four months? Lots. But perhaps not as much as I once tried to tackle, and I’m accepting that that’s ok. My therapist says I’m not crazy, and don’t need chemical meds, which makes me very happy. I’m doing all the right things, and they seem to be helping. Vitamin B shots are now once or twice a week, at home by my own hand. I take some other natural supplements, have continued my karate and hiking, and have been making more time for myself, which I accept now I haven’t done enough of the last few years. (Here you go, mom. In writing. Sit down. :) You were right!)

I survived the marathon that is the school year. High five for me! Summer has given me a little more breathing room, and the girls have enjoyed a couple weeks at farm camp, Sunshine had a week of musical theatre camp at her Waldorf school, and the whole family (and some friends of ours) enjoyed a week together on an organic farm on Salt Spring Island for our first adventure at fiddle camp (Sunshine’s big birthday present–she recently turned eight!). We enjoyed our week, and I even got away for a couple hikes at a nearby provincial park. And we took the girls on a hike that included a fairy village!

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In June we enjoyed a great “muddy gnome” day that we bought on the school auction (which happened right after I stopped posting in the spring) in which our friends surprised us and brought out their excavator and decimated the hill full of blackberries in one day. I have never been so excited to see someone on my doorstep, let me tell you!

July passed in a blur, with camping over the July 4 weekend up at Mount Rainier, Sunshine’s birthday party, and fiddle camp. While we were at fiddle camp, we got another auction item fulfilled when Moonglow’s Waldorf school teacher came out and painted their room in the same Lazure style that Waldorf schools use. I will add a photo to this post as soon as I remember to take one, but it’s pink on the bottom half of the room transitioning to blue on the top. But until then, here are some Google images of Lazure painting to give you the idea.

Now August is upon us, and I’m busy planning for the upcoming school year, another sign my mental status is improving.


loose ends

I’ve been bad about posting. Time to tie up some loose ends. Not sure I will be posting as regularly for a while, but not shutting down, either.

Let’s see. Moonglow’s hearing test came back mostly fine. All the “normal” ranges were fine, blessedly, with the only losses being at very high or low frequencies that weren’t in their “official” range. The problem with the first test was the undiagnosed ear infection. Blessings and positive thoughts to a friend who had a similar test with her young one recently and is adjusting to different news about his hearing loss.

Moonglow’s nut allergy test came back negative. However, a friend with a severely nut-allergic child told me those tests can be false positive and false negative a surprising amount of the time, so I’m wary. Especially since her reaction was to eating unsalted cashews first thing in the morning; no other food or drink to confuse anything. So I’m wary about giving her cashews, pistachios (often cross-react), and mangoes. But life goes forward.

My whole 30 last year and my recent low-to-no version eschewing sugar but having low amounts of grains and dairy in my diet seems to be doing well for me. I recently saw my naturopath about this ongoing melancholia or depression or whatever you want to call it (hey, I’m an open person; shouldn’t be something we’re afraid to share with others, in my opinion), and while all my hormone levels looked good, it was gratifying to learn that since last year my bad cholesterol went down nearly 50 points and my good cholesterol went up. Yay, me.

Unfortunately that means there’s no easy answer to why I’ve been feeling this way for nearly three months. Not perimenopause. Not a need to adjust my thyroid medicine. And he says I’m doing all the right things: eating right, no alcohol, exercising, making time for myself. I’m really enjoying karate, and have been hiking at least twice a week, much to my girls’ displeasure. But right now out in the forest seems to be the place I feel most at home. Sigh. So I’ve been taking Vitamin D, and started taking a B supplement and getting a weekly B shot. I’m taking it day by day. I’ll be sure to post if I find the magic happy formula. :D

five minutes + 525 days (or less)

Yesterday. Sitting on my deck in the sunshine. Sitting my tea. Heavenly.

I haven’t written about it much here, but what I thought was seasonal melancholy has persisted off and on since the holidays. So I’ve been doing more writing and reading offline, seeking answers and solutions. Perhaps it’s perimenopause. Time will tell. But suffice to say I’ve been struggling. And ten minutes alone in the sunshine? It was just what the doctor ordered. ;)

In other news we entered the lottery for a private trip permit on the Grand Canyon for summer 2016. And we won! We’ll be there for my birthday no less. So I’m stoked about that, as is Mr. S. 

peas, planted

Today in the warm February sunshine, while Mr. Sustainable supervised bike and chalk time (and trimmed some blackberry vines by our front gate), I headed to the garden to plant some peas (shelling and snow) and a few carrots. Topped the newest garden bed with pavers and started planning the next bed to be redone. Then Mr. S. got it in his head to move the long-overdue butterfly bush half-toppled over in its barrel. Prep for that next garden bed. A bigger project than we expected. But now it’s done. And the sunshine ticked us past the 11,000 mark on our solar energy production. Can’t wait for more sunny days and making more headway on the blackberry vines, repainting the fence, rebuilding another garden bed, planting, and more!







this moment: ferry friends

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
–from SouleMama

moonglow (left) on the foggy morning ferry to forest school with a friend. age 4.

05/52 & 06/52

Trying something new this year. (Hopefully) Posting one photo of my girls each week for a year. Sometimes with a story.

Yup. I’m behind. So you get two weeks in one. :D I make up my own rules, clearly. :D

Sunshine’s painted face at forest school last week. Tribal.

Meanwhile, Moonglow was leading me on a little guided hike of the five acres where forest school happens. She would lead me through path after path, pausing at intersections, throwing out her arms to keep me behind her, then peer one way and then the other, and say “this way” and start off down the path again. :D

Second is an impromptu ice cream treat. Always good for a smile.

Ballet observation day. My little. So big. Also, the only thirty minute period all week when I can get her to leave things in her hair.

nut nerves

So Sunday Moonglow was eating a handful of unsalted cashews, and broke out in a red rash around her mouth and onto her cheeks. She’s successfully eaten lots of nuts over the last couple years, so this was unusual. I immediately worried she might be developing an allergy. I’ve always been terribly afraid of nut allergies. I know it is manageable, but I have trust issues. I know this about myself. I have confidence I can safeguard my child; it’s all those other people who don’t take allergies seriously that I worry about.

A friend whose child has a nut (and several other) allergies finally had to homeschool her child because despite *repeated* discussions with her school teacher, the teacher kept bringing *NUTS* into class for math counting exercises. Hello? Bueller? Um, no.

We were headed out for our marathon day of breakfast, hiking, and thrifting that I posted about, so I washed her face, checked for hives, made a Facebook post to check in with my online mama posse, packed the benadryl and Mr. Sustainable’s epipen (just in case), and headed out.

Monday morning I tried to contact the same allergist I took Sunshine to when we did some checking about her penicillin allergy (did you know penicillin can be in some foods? some salamis, as well as blue or gorgonzola cheese!), but alas, needed a referral from our pediatrician. So I called and made an appointment for this morning.

They agreed her reaction sounded suspicious, but thankfully there’s now a blood test that can be done to test which type of nut allergy someone has, if any at all: one they grow out of or one they don’t. So Moonglow was a real champ getting her blood drawn for this test, and I just have to keep her away from nuts for the next few days until we get the results back next week. What did Mr. Sustainable offer her for a treat for being so good getting her blood drawn? Candy. *WITH NUTS!* I looked at him in disbelief. He realized his error, thankfully. Sigh. I love him, but good golly, man.

So everyone cross their fingers it comes back negative! But if not, rest assured I will rise to the occasion!